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Manufacturers of Polythene Packaging

Client: Keep Britain Tidy

Client Objective: 

Provide The Big Tidy Up community with a collection sack that is as environmentally-friendly as possible. Other priorities include reducing carbon footprint of supply chain and reduce transport costs.

Duo Packaging Solution:

Previously Keep Britain Tidy used over 7 metric tonnes of natural polythene material for every 100,000 waste sacks produced.

Duo UK provided Keep Britain Tidy with 100% recycled sacks thanks to its closed-loop recycling process where scrap polythene is collected, reprocessed to form recycled pellets and then used to manufacture the collection sacks. This process means that Keep Britain Tidy's waste sacks no longer use any virgin polythene therefore reduces dependency on raw material.

The sacks are now manufactured and transported straight from Duo's Manchester factory to Keep Britain Tidy only 25 miles away, dramatically cutting the amount of carbon produced by transporting the goods.

Keep Britain Tidy's chief executive, Phil Barton said: "The Big Tidy Up is a hugely important campaign.  Our aim is to get everybody out on the streets, cleaning up their corner of a community. 

"Providing 100% recycled rubbish bags for everyone who is ready and willing to get involved is vital. It was really important to us that the sacks are as environmentally-friendly as possible and the fact Duo is a local supplier with a factory within a 25 mile radius of our HQ reduces our carbon footprint and transport costs even further."


Click here for more information on the Keep Britian Tidy and Duo UK partnership

Did you know?

Duo UK recycle over 2500 tonnes or 500 pallets of polythene scrap material each year

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