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2016 Retail Packaging Trend Prediction

As featured in Insider NW

2015 was the year that England introduced a 5p charge for plastic bags and the new levy came with its fair share of furore. The nation was split - some people got behind it (62% according to a survey by Break the Bag Habit) whilst others felt it was just too inconvenient. 

For us here at Duo UK, we've been a long-time supporter of reducing and reusing polythene packaging on environmental grounds because the raw material, oil, is not a finite resource so there has to be more public consciousness when it comes to using packaging. 

We've found that the 5p bag tax has resulted in many retailers expanding their packaging range to include the thicker bags-for-life, or canvas bags in addition to their usual store bags. Some of our retailers have embraced the change and responded by adding additional appeal and value to their bags for life by printing amazing designs to encourage their customers to re-use them and promote the brand whilst doing so.

Our prediction for 2016 is that we will see more retailers introduce bags for life as a new addition to their packaging range and use the bags as an extension of their brand offering so expect to see fashion retailers changing their plastic bags with the fashion seasons and trends.

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Published: 04/01/2016

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