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Co-ex machine increases output and efficiency

To meet the ever increasing customer demand for environmentally-sound packaging Duo UK invest in customised co-extruder.

Co-extrusion produces polythene film in multilayers, which enables recycled content to be included in the inner layers and virgin polythene on the outer layers. This structure in effect coats the recycled content and increases the versatility and range of products that can be produced.

As an accredited closed loop recycler Duo UK recycles over 2500 tonnes or 500 pallets of material each year. The reycled pellets are then used to manufacture new packaging products.

Duo's managing director David Brimelow, said: "The co-ex represents the best of both worlds as it meets the demand for high quality products while also allowing us to utilise recycled pellets offering an environmentally sound solution

"Co-ex technology also means energy consumption, raw materials and waste is reduced. In particular, the reduction in energy used allows us to meet our Climate Change Agreement quota for energy reductions, which has significant financial benefits for us - and is what we believe is the right thing to do.

"Equally, on the operational side, we can deliver on what clients look for - better efficiency and higher output allows us to manufacture polythene more quickly, while the resulting packaging is stronger, has better opacity and greater visual appeal."


Published: 19/08/2013

Did you know?

Duo UK recycle over 2500 tonnes or 500 pallets of polythene scrap material each year

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