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Duo are up for the Challenge

The Government has set a challenge for all public and private sector business to reduce the UK's greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 by at least 80% compared to the 1990 baseline.

Duo are always up for a challenge and have signed up early to the scheme to optimize our carbon and improve our energy management.

The whole Duo team from every area of the business will be getting involved and looking at new ideas that will reduce our carbon footprint and help do their bit to achieve the target set. The small changes make the big difference and the whole Duo team is looking at ideas on what small change they can make to their daily routine to reduce their carbon footprint.

We look forward to monitoring our emissions and seeing a year on year reduction to help Duo become the leanest, greenest business we can be.


Published: 05/10/2010

Did you know?

Duo's current capacity can produce over 125 million branded glue strip bags – a figure that is always increasing as investment is made in the latest technologies.

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