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Duo Boosts R&D with QC Lab

Duo UK has boosted its research and development capabilities by setting up a dedicated quality control lab. The facility consolidates some of Duo's current methods for testing its polythene products as well as introducing further testing capabilities, allowing a thorough analysis of new products' capabilities.

"Our technical team is constantly developing products to meet specific industry needs," said Duo UK's operational director, Dale Brimelow. "What the QC lab allows us to do is thoroughly test these new blends and develop a precise technical understanding of each product's properties and characteristics. This in turn helps us to improve a product's performance, offer alternative products as well as identify potential cost savings for clients."

The testing capabilities featured in Duo UK's quality control lab include:

  • Drop Dart Impact Test: Allows the puncture resistance of film to be tested, giving an accurate and comparable measure of strength.
  • Tensile and Slip Testing: Enables the tension film can safely be subjected to be accurately tested, as well as measuring the slipperiness of the outer layer, a quality which is particularly important for film which is used with machinery.
  • Shrink Test: Measures the shrink percentage of polythene when subjected to different temperatures, including in the transverse direction.
  • Opacity Metre: This test checks the depth of colour within the film, important not just for aesthetics but also for security in certain markets.
  • Yield testing: Test to establish the overall thickness and weight of the film.

Dale added: "Taken together these capabilities allow us to prove a film's capabilities to our customers - a factor that is extremely important in the industrial and manufacturing sectors. The in-depth quality controls ensure that both the natural film we extrude, and the film we produce from closed loop recycling, is consistent each and every time, reassuring our customers that the specification they require will be maintained every order without fail."

Major new product development include super-strength sacks and bags for critical use such as builders' aggregate to wood flakes, while high-strength polythene wrap will allow Duo UK to offer a  robust packaging solution  to  a wide range of manufacturers including brick, paint and furniture producers.

Dale added: "In addition to super-strength, we are particularly excited about the potential to improve the consistency of recycled material. Inconstancy has traditionally made recycled products unsuited to critical applications but we're confident that the level of testing we're able to carry out in our QC lab will mean we're able to offer ultra-reliable recycled products to the market in the near future."

Published: 11/08/2014

Did you know?

Thanks to our on-going investment in closed-loop recycling, we're able to reduce our dependency on natural materials.

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