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Duo UK becomes World's First Manufacturer of Carbon Negative Mailing Bags

Duo UK has produced the world's first carbon negative, 100 percent sustainable mailing bag for parcel delivery company myHermes.

Using a material called Green PE, which is derived from sugarcane, to produce the mailing bags, myHermes is now able to offer its customers a mailing bag with a negative carbon footprint.  

Mailing bags are traditionally made from polyethylene derived from fossil fuel however there is a global shift to move away from this type of fuel due to it being a finite resource.

Green PE is made from sugarcane, and it's the process of photosynthesis as the plant grows that captures and fixes CO2 from the atmosphere and reduces greenhouse gas emission. Each kilogram of Green PE saves 2.78kg of CO2 when compared to the production of conventional fossil based polyethylene.

Although GreenPE is used in the production of many packaging items, myHermes is the first brand to use it to for mailing bags specifically and at an inclusion level which results in a carbon negative footprint.

myHermes takes responsibility for their whole supply chain and is totally committed to creating a naturally sustainable future. The company has chosen to use Green PE for its new range of affordable sustainable packaging because it is a proven sustainable product. myHermes mailing bags will be available across its myHermes ParcelShop network, allowing customers to choose carbon negative packaging to send their items.

Duo UK's Commercial Director, Anthony Brimelow says: "To say we're proud to be producing the world's first carbon negative mailing bag is an understatement - this is a massive global shift towards a more sustainable future for packaging and to be spearheading it is incredibly exciting.  

"myHermes is investing in much more than just a new style of mailing bag, using GreenPE to produce the new product means it is also investing in a sustainable future.

"We're seeing a strong increase in demand for environmentally sound products that don't upset ecosystems, driven partly from our clients' own corporate social responsibility policies and partly by clients reacting to their own customer demands.

"What is particularly impressive about Green PE is its environmental credentials extend all the way down the production chain, from the moment it begins to grow, it captures and fixes CO2 from the atmosphere - it's the future of polyethylene production and we're thrilled to be a part of it."

Steve Bower, Head of Service Development at myHermes, said: "We are extremely proud to become the first company, not just across the industry, but across the whole world, to offer our customers a carbon negative mailing bag. This revolutionary product illustrates myHermes' commitment to a sustainable future and we are delighted to partner with such an innovative company in Duo UK on this important initiative."


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Published: 22/02/2017

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