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Duo UK has bags of style and ethics

Duo UK is stepping into summer with bags of style and ethics by bolstering its 'bag-for-life' offering with cotton, jute, and woven reusable bags.

Since the plastic bag levy came into place in 2015 Duo has experienced a significant increase in customer demand for more sustainable shopping/carrier bags.

Commenting on the diversification into re-usable bags-for-life, Zoe Brimelow, Duo UK's Brand Director said:

"Bags are no longer considered just a practical product to transport goods home - they're functional, flexible fashion statements and they allow consumers to advocate their brand loyalty. Investing in this powerful marketing tool, we have seen many brands add branded bags for life to their promotional product range. We've seen an increase in design changes as brands have been keen to use new on-trend designs that reflect the seasonal fashion trends to encourage repeat purchases and promote marketing campaigns.

"We've noticed that more of our customers, such as Jempsons, Manchester University and Forever Unique, are looking for bags that added value to both their customers shopping experience and support brand and marketing activity.

"An investment made in a bag-for-life pays dividends for several years - both on the environment as the more times a bag is used the lesser need for a new one and potentially a saving for the consumer's pockets. We've seen reports of limited edition designs becoming collectable items that make their way on to E-bay!"

Summer Bag


Published: 25/07/2016

Did you know?

Duo extrudes over 1,000 tonnes of polythene film in the UK each month

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