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Duo UK invests in revolutionary start-up

We are very proud to announce that we have invested in a start-up firm that's set to revolutionise Britain's sanitary industry.

Set up in 2015 by entrepreneur Martha Silcott, Loopeeze is an early-stage company that designed, owns and markets FabLittleBag® an invention designed to give women a simple, practical environmental solution to dispose of primarily tampons but also relevant for sanitary towels and intimate wipes.

The unique design, which has a registered trademark and is fully patented, features a unique loop handle allowing them to be opened and sealed with one hand. Enhancing its environmental credentials, each bag is made from 35% organic material and is oxo-biodegradable.

The Duo team has been closely involved in the entire journey of the project from initial idea through to finished product. We created the first prototype for the FabLittleBag® and engineered the machinery to manufacture the unique bag design for mass-market production.

FabLittleBags® are currently stocked by major UK retailer's including WholeFoods, Waitrose and Ocado stores, and has major UK water boards interested in supplying the product as a potential solution to help the increasing drainage crisis in the UK.

Loopeeze is also looking to raise £600,000 through a crowd-funding project with GrowthDeck. This funding will enable investment in marketing, staff and stock to build on the great success to date.

Anthony Brimelow, Duo's Commercial Director commented on the new venture: "We're always open minded when it comes to expanding our business offering which is why when Martha approached us we were keen to find out more about her invention.

"In the first five minutes of meeting Martha we were absolutely blown away by her passion, confidence and sheer belief in how this product was going to revolutionise the sanitary industry. We thrive on challenges and developing a solution to bring this concept to market with such a driven individual has been an incredible experience.

"Everybody is in agreement that Britain's Victorian drainage system simply can't cope with the level of waste that it has to deal with, and we are confident that FabLittleBag® with Martha's infectious passion for the product, will help to reduce the environmental impact of sanitary product disposal and provide a hygienic alternative option to flushing."

Loopeeze founder, Martha Silcott added: "These are exciting times for FabLittleBag® as we focus on becoming the product of choice for those looking for an alternative tampon disposal that's simple, hygienic, and kind to the environment.

"We're also looking to change habits and educate people as we go. Our goal is to replace the angst and embarrassment around tampon disposal and empower our customers with the confidence and security for a safe disposal every time.

"Right from the outset, Duo UK had the foresight, enthusiasm, and flexibility to support this new invention to market even at the very early stages.

The dedication Duo UK has shown to make my idea a reality, together with their valuable manufacturing and product expertise has ensured that together, we've been able to launch with a commercially viable product. We're very much looking forward to what the future holds for this partnership."

There are exciting opportunities in the pipeline for Loopeeze and Duo UK, as plans take place for FabLittleBag® to be sold in all major retail stores as well as monthly subscription services such as Pink Parcel and Sanitary Owl. The next year will also see potential use of the exclusive Loopeeze design to be used in other markets such as forensics and medical disposal. 

Vist Loopeeze and FabLittleBags® website for more info and to sign up for the newsletter: http://www.fablittlebag.com/


FLB_Packaging Range

FabLittleBags® handbag and bathroom packs made by Duo UK 


Anthony And Martha _FLB Kingscross _March 16

Anthony Brimelow, Duo's Commercial Director and Martha Silcott, Loopeeze Founder at Kings Cross Station converting 'flushers' to 'binners' @fablittlebag

Published: 19/04/2016

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