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Duo UK launches exclusive packaging range to deliver a Multi-Sensory shopping experience

Duo UK has launched an exclusive range of multi-sensory polythene films to transform customer experiences with a brand by leveraging the senses.

Responding to customer demand for packaging products that are serve more than just a protective practical purpose, the new range is the first of it's kind in the country and exclusive to Duo UK.

The range encompasses three different material finishes; foil, silk, and crackle effect which are all designed to engage the senses for the end user, transforming a packaging product into a multi-sensory experience to positively influencing customer experience with a brand.

The new range, can be made using traditional polyethylene or Duo UK's sustainable alternative, GreenPE which is made from sugarcane. 

Duo UK is the first company in the UK to bring the crackle innovation to market in the application of film, sacks and mailing bags.

Anthony Brimelow, Duo's Commercial Director said: "Traditionally, packaging was believed to serve only a practical purpose. However, if when creating a packaging design, consideration is given to not only how the parcel looks but also how it will feel in the customers hand, how they will interact with its structure, and what sound it will make as they open it, that same packaging can transform the customers experience with the brand influencing sales in a positive way.

"What's more, packaging has the potential to be a real differentiator for disruptor brands. As we approach the retail sector's busiest and most competitive time of the year, it's an ideal opportunity for brands to really impress their customers with packaging that brings the retail experience into people's homes and makes a lasting first impression."

We're thrilled to be bringing this new product range to market in time for the festive season. Each of the materials has its own unique advantage; the foil effect delivers a shiny reflective base and has stunning mirror properties which is the perfect base for a simple stand out design, the silk effect delivers a soft touch luxury feel with a delicate frosty finish and the crackle effect delivers a multi-sensory experience delivering a textured touch, auditory crackle, and unique look as two colours are dispersed creating the stand-out crackle look.

"The crackle effect is particularly exciting as we're the only UK manufacturer to produce this material. Not only does it provide a multi-sensory experience but its rough texture also provides a low slip surface and a practical solution for packages that need to be stacked.

There are many new exciting packaging innovations available in the market, however we take a considered approach when offering a new option to our customers. The new product must improve a product's performance, deliver cost savings for clients and add value to their brand. The three new materials tick all boxes. We hope our customers both current and new will be inspired by the exciting possibilities that this brand new range offers them."

The new range is available to buy now, for samples or to find out more contact Duo on 0161 203 5767 or email enquiries@duo-uk.co.uk.

Published: 05/10/2017

Did you know?

We are an Environment Agency accredited recycler, authorised to issue packaging recovery notes (PRN's).

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