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Duo UK launches green platform for sustainable packaging

Duo UK has shown its commitment to a greener future with the launch of a new offering, DuoGreen, which is designed to help companies create sustainable, environmentally low impact, packaging solutions.

DuoGreen celebrates new packaging technology, putting the spotlight on fantastic innovations and how easy it is to adopt new ideas to help packaging users reduce their environmental impact. Importantly, it will also form a hub for sharing environmental best practice.

Duo UK has a substantial track record of investing in environmentally responsible technology and practices reducing its reliance on unsustainable resources. Recent measures include major investment in closed loop recycling, educational outreach programmes and the development of odour-free 100% recycled packaging. Duo was also selected to be the first UK manufacturer to produce mailing bags using Green PE, a polythene that uses sugarcane, rather than oil, as its base substance.

Brand Director, Zoe Brimelow, explains: "Packaging is an essential item for many businesses and our customer feedback constantly points to the importance of ensuring this packaging is sustainable.  There are two significant - and growing - sources of pressure our customers cite for this need to reduce their environmental impact. The first is consumer pressure; there's huge demand for environmentally sound products and services from consumers, and this is particularly acute for certain types of companies, or for companies targeting certain demographics and markets.

"The second area is political and legislative change. Increasingly we're talking to businesses which look at the EU's intention to impose  40% legally binding reductions in greenhouse gasses by 2016, coupled with predictions that electricity  prices will increase by 50%  across the same time span*, they realise that the time to act is now. DuoGreen has been created to showcase the products and services which are readily available and easy to implement, and which will help businesses meet these targets whilst maintaining productivity and operational efficiency.

"DuoGreen helps businesses realise their environmental goals which we believe can only be achieved by sharing expertise, promoting new sustainable inventions and encouraging those in the packaging industry to celebrate their successes. We are always searching for new sustainable packaging technologies to introduce to our customers and together help businesses achieve their environmental goals.    

"As a major packaging manufacturer and supplier in the UK market we believe it is our responsibility to drive and develop new sustainable packaging technology, in order to reduce the impact of packaging on the environment and help our customers achieve their environmental goals. 

"Today's lifestyle could not be met without packaging's role in preserving, protecting and promoting every day goods, but it's also self-evident that there are limits to the planet's physical resources. It's therefore imperative that the industry moves towards using truly sustainable resources as swiftly as possible and we are determined to play our role in this."


Published: 28/04/2015

Did you know?

Almost three quarters of consumers view the packaging their goods arrive in as an integral part of their customer experience.

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