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Duo Wins Lean Manufacturing Award

Duo were delighted to be awarded Best Newcomer to Lean Manufacturing Award at the Yorkshire Productivity Awards on 19th May. The award recognised Duo for our outstanding efforts in improving efficiency and competitiveness throughout our polythene manufacturing site.

Operations Manager Tony Brimelow attended the awards ceremony at Leeds Armouries and was ecstatic to receive the recognition:

"I am extremely proud of the whole team for the improvements that we have achieved across all areas of our manufacturing process. This year was the first time we have rolled out BIT's (Business Improvement Training) and it has been a great success for both team morale and improvements in efficiency. Duo has always championed continuous improvement and is great to receive the recognition for this."

Tony Brimelow discussed the future plans for Duo: "The training and development does not stop here. Due to all of the great successes Duo has achieved for our employees and for the business, we are rolling out the BIT's training for all of the manufacturing team as standard. We have also identified job specific training for employees to enhance their expertise and efficiency which has been greatly welcomed."

Tony Brimelow attended the award ceremony with Paul Teasdale, Wayne Chandley, Paul Parkinson, Daniel Simpson, Ged Nolan, John Hall and Filip Wichowski who were all delighted to accept the award on behalf of the whole team.


Tony Brimelow, Operations Manager.




Published: 20/05/2011

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