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DuoUK’s first online retailer to use Mailing Bags made entirely from sugarcane

Last year Duo UK became the world's first manufacturer of mailing bags from sugarcane now eCommerce retailer SportsPursuit, has made the switch and is packaging its products in renewable, carbon negative recyclable bags produced by DuoUK. Set up in 2012, SportPursuit took the leap to become the first eCommerce retailer and invest in 100% GreenPE Mailing Bags.

Mark Irwin, Logistics Co-Ordinator at SportPursuit, said: "As a retailer that's passionate about the outdoors, we're very keen to preserve the world around us. Naturally, we wanted to make our packaging as eco-friendly as possible, without compromising its functionality, risking damage to the products, or increasing the amount of space our packaging takes up, which would have its own environmental consequences.

"As a keen proponent of sustainability, I was really intrigued when I learned about plastic being made from sugarcane, especially as it provided the perfect 'green' solution to our packaging problem. Switching to sugarcane mailing bags is a fantastic way of using a sustainable resource to create a flexible pack that's fit for purpose, without affecting our supply chain in the slightest."

SportPursuit first started working with Duo UK in 2014. The new bags are printed with information about GreenPE, enabling SportPursuit's customers to understand where their packaging has come from. The bags can also be recycled in our closed-loop recycling system.

Anthony Brimelow, Commercial Director at Duo UK, said: "The use of GreenPE avoids the need for plastic produced from finite fossil fuels which, as we know is a limited source. Plus, as the sugarcane grows it captures and stores CO2 from the atmosphere, helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

"This new material has the potential to have a significantly positive effect on the packaging industry from both a sustainability and a CO2 emissions perspective. It's time to re-educate retailers and consumers on the encouraging facts around plastic, not only that there are sustainable alternatives available but also the fact that it can be easily recycled and made into new products using lower energy resources than other popular packaging alternatives.

Anthony Brimelow added: "As more and more retailers switch their mailing bags from fossil derived polythene to sugarcane GreenPE, we will significantly reduce our reliance on fossil fuels. Instead, we'll be making use of a renewable crop that grows all year round and actually captures and stores CO2 from the atmosphere.

"Let's be realistic, packaging is a necessity, but it isn't one that has to put such a strain on the world's natural resources. As a polythene manufacturer we're committed to reducing our dependency on virgin plastic, re-using packaging waste and sourcing sustainable materials such as GreenPE. Our closed loop recycling programme offers a solution to save both traditional polythene and GreenPE waste from landfill and re-use it to produce new products, further reducing our dependency on finite resources."



Published: 22/05/2018

Did you know?

Thanks to our on-going investment in closed-loop recycling, we're able to reduce our dependency on natural materials.

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