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Packaging Consumers Keen to go Green

Consumers crave environmentally friendly packaging according to research conducted by Perception Research Services.

Significantly more shoppers stated they would like to choose environmentally friendly packaging compared to 2010 (36% vs 28%), with fully half still willing to pay more. This is especially true of younger (under 40) shoppers where over half (59%) stated that seeing environmental claims on packaging positively impact their behavior to either buy more of the brands they usually do, or switch to others.

Shoppers noticed and their behavior was most impacted by environmental messages stating they are recyclable or made from recycled material. Conversely, made with less material is less influential.

In response to shopper's environmental preferences many of Duo's retail clients have revised their polythene packaging specification to include more recycled material and state the volume of recycled content on their bags. Polythene is a valuable recyclable material and if recycled in the correct way can be used to produce new packaging products.

Duo's in-house closed loop recycling facility recycles 2500 tonnes of waste polythene each year. Helping our customers achieve their corporate social responsibility targets and reducing the volume of polythene waste going to landfill, Duo collects our clients packaging waste and recycles this in our closed loop recycling facility. The recycled polythene pellets are then used to manufacture new packaging products for our customers. To inform the shopper of the story of the packaging the percentage of recycled content is printed onto the packaging.

In 2011, there was a significant increase in shoppers checking to see if a package can be recycled prior to buying it. Since seeing environmental claims positively impacts purchase behavior, the number 4 logo identifying polythene based packaging products has been printed in all Duo's products that are to be used by the end consumer. Clearly showing the recycling symbol informs the customer of the material and how to dispose of the packaging once they no longer have a use or it.

Click here for more information on closed loop recycling

If you would like to improve the environmental credentials of your packaging and increase the appeal to today's shoppers Duo can help. Please contact Duo today on 0161 203 5767 or email enquiries@duo-uk.co.uk


Source: Perception Research Services International and Packaging Digest Online

Published: 26/04/2012

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Duo UK recycle over 2500 tonnes or 500 pallets of polythene scrap material each year

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