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The countdown to Christmas is underway, are you ready?

There is no denying that online sales are still on the increase and no more so than at Christmas. In 2013, almost 20 per cent more consumers turned to online shopping, it has never been more important for retailers to acknowledge the shift in the way consumers are making their purchases.  

When a customer places an order online, the first tangible experience they have with the retailer or brand is the packaging it arrives in. The era of shipping orders in plain grey mailing bags has long since passed as brands look to use their packaging as part of their marketing mix. Much in the same way that traditional retailers differentiate themselves with branded carrier bags, the demand for bespoke polythene film colours and specialist inks is on the increase.

In addition to bespoke polythene products, the 'finishing touches' to the overall packaging is also an increasingly important focus. Introducing gift wrapping options of tissue paper, ribbon and stickers is a great cost-effective way to engage with customers and adds that extra bit of 'Christmas sparkle'. That said, it is essential that the logistics of ordering limited edition Christmas packaging are carefully considered.

In order to avoid running out before the peak Christmas period or worse, a stockroom full of festive packaging come January 1st, working closely with forecast teams on predicted peak sales periods is essential to gauge the volume of packaging needed.

Good packaging suppliers will be happy to advise you on stock levels and supply lead times. At Duo, we advise our customers to aim to run out of their Christmas packaging roughly one week before Christmas Eve and have plenty of sale or generic packaging to switch to. In addition, we offer a free stock management service which enables you to track your stock levels, manage your supply and eradicate any shortfalls in stock - taking the headache out of your packaging management at Christmas and throughout the year.

To create a memorable shopping experience for your customers over the festive season, here are our top tips for Christmas packaging success:

  • Know your packaging product delivery lead times - use our handy infographic to help you understand what and when to order

  • Use your packaging suppliers knowledge - they can help advise you on stock level management

  • Work back from the date you need the packaging available to use, for example, the start of the Christmas shopping period is November payday, meaning goods from the Far East would need to be ordered no later than the middle of July/start of August.

  • Have generic packaging to switch back to once your limited edition packaging stocks have been used

  • Don't be tempted to over order - with the right stock management, you can ensure seasonal brand consistency without a warehouse full of wasted packaging come January


1406-Duo Xmas Packaging Infographic STG2-02

Published: 04/08/2014

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