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The world has gone crazy for all things green, especially Duo’s customers

With the UK set to reduce carbon emissions by 80% below 1990 levels by 2050 all companies are looking at every area of their business, in particular packaging, and exploring new ideas to reduce their carbon footprint.

Polythene is a material that can last forever, if recycled in the correct way, and in many cases it is more environmentally friendly than alternative packaging solutions. Duo's Closed Loop recycling facility has the ability to recycle scrap polythene into pellets that can be used to produce products with a percentage of recycled content. This therefore reducing the volume of polythene going to landfill, less oil required in polythene production and an overall lower carbon footprint of the total packaging production.

Duo has experienced a high increase in the number of enquiries for polythene products with the inclusion of recycled content; not only waste sacks but also mailing bags and retail store bags. Due to this high demand Duo is proud to be extruding over 50% of our annual extrusion capacity using recycled polythene pellets.

The high quality of the products Duo produce with the inclusion of recycled content has overwhelmed our current customer base and Duo is actively investing in new innovations to introduce new greener products to the market.

For more information on Duo's closed loop process go to Closed Loop Recycling

Published: 01/09/2010

Did you know?

Duo's current capacity can produce over 125 million branded glue strip bags – a figure that is always increasing as investment is made in the latest technologies.

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