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Manufacturers of Polythene Packaging

From A to B: Our Packaging Manufacturing Process Explained

As specialist polythene manufacturers we perform each stage of the packaging manufacturing process in-house. This ensures we can guarantee the highest quality control standards and flexibility of response for our customers.

The polythene packaging manufacturing process breaks down into three stages: extrusion, print and conversion.



During the extrusion process, polymer pellets are melted to create the polythene film from which your printed carrier bags, polybags or other printed packaging will be formed. Colours are added to match your pantone requirements and the thickness and texture of the polythene is checked against your specification.

To find out about the range of packaging products that we manufacture click here.



Flexographic plates and presses are used to transfer your designs on to the prepared polythene. At Duo, we use the latest computerised colour matching technology for printed packaging to ensure consistency of shade and tone with support for up to 8 colour printing.




During the final stage of the process, the printed polythene film is converted into your packaging products. We offer a range of printed packaging design options including bottom weld, side weld, perforated, single and double glue strips, and patch, cut out or turn over top handles. To help optimize packaging speed and efficiency we offer a range of product packing methods to suit your in house storage requirements.

Stringent quality control

Because all our products are clearly labelled throughout the packaging manufacturing process, there is batch traceability so that items can easily be isolated in the unlikely event of an issue arising.

Our ability to immediately identify, isolate and replace sub grade items guarantees you a consistently high quality product time and time again. It also ensures that you are never left without the products - just part of the first-rate contingency planning we offer as standard.


As experienced polythene manufacturers, we understand the importance of reliable delivery and have a range of contingency plans in place so we never disappoint. These include the transportation of products 24 hours a day, 365 days a year through our four excellent, trusted delivery partners.

Did you know?

We are an Environment Agency accredited recycler, authorised to issue packaging recovery notes (PRN's).

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