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Are QR Codes Replacing Social Media Links on Product Packaging?


Socialmediatoday.com's recent blog on utilizing product packaging to further engage and influence your customers using social media links has sparked a few new ideas in the Duo office.

Smart brands realize that their most devoted fans--the influencers who will convert their friends and family by constantly spouting off about how much they love a product want more from the brand than just the product they purchase. Twitter feeds, Facebook pages, stories, games, promotions, etc, etc.

If including social media is the packaging trend of today, QR codes are the trend of tomorrow. Most product packaging already includes a barcode that's scanned for retail purchase purposes but QR codes of the future will be designed for the consumer.

For example, a QR code on a polythene mailing bag for a retailer could lead to their website listing new 'must-have' items, video's of catwalk shows or a promotional advertisement. While QR codes will likely be portals to the same type of content that social media provides today, they have more potential than adding social media logos to the package because QR codes are more immediate and direct and can influence immediate action (re-orders!).

Today, most smart phones have QR code scanners pre-installed and the 'now' society have come to expect immediate information on demand.

Brands are already satisfying their customers demand and are using this technology to good effect now. Don't be left behind, utilize your polythene mailing bag to its full potential and engage with your customers on a new and exciting level. To implement this technology on your polythene packaging is as simple as making a small change to your packaging design. So why delay? Contact your Duo account manager or if you are a new potential customer we can't wait to discuss your requirement with you, call today or email today enquiries@duo-uk.co.uk / 0161 203 5767.

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