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Wouldn’t return friendly packaging make the returns issue worse for retailers?

Returns and Refund

Returns are a real headache for almost all online retailers, with some analysts quoting a return rate of 30%, so why on earth would any businesses want to make returning goods easier?

Well the answer is simple; research we commissioned shows that 95% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase if they know they can return it easily.  In other words, an awkward returns policy equals lost sales.

Our research went on to examine which part of the returns process was most irritating for customers and, perhaps unsurprisingly, the majority, 56%, identified a trip to the post office. However a significant minority, 30%, said repacking goods was the most annoying part of the process, with men and younger adults particularly averse to doing battle with the sellotape.

While it's tricky for internet retailers to control a customer's experience at the post office, helping consumers to repackage goods can boost the customer experience as well as offering other business benefits:

  1. Make your packaging reusable: Adding a double glue strip to your mailing bag allows consumers to re-use the packaging to send their unwanted product back to you in the post. This improves the customer experience and is environmentally friendly.
  2. Reduce damage caused by inadequate packing: Make sure your packaging can withstand the weather and the rough and tumble of the sorting office. Damaged packaging can lead to damaged goods and poor impressions; almost 95% of consumers claim poor quality or damaged packaging negatively impacts on their perception of a business.
  3. Recycle your returned packaging: While cardboard is widely perceived as a recyclable commodity, other types of packaging, including polythene are also easily recycled. In the UK there is a shortage of good quality polythene scrap leading to an increase in the price per tonne, this means recycling makes economic sense as well as fulfilling CSR aims and reducing landfill tax.

Article featured on Drapers Online 28th Jan 13.

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