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DuoOptipac Mailing Bag


DuoOptipac is a new style of mailing bag featuring a carry handle which lies snug against the body of the bag using a discreet, easy release handle that remains in position throughout the postal system.

With the small change to the bag this provides customers with a carry handle for on the go collections without increasing the cost of volumetric deliveries or reduce throughput on a conveyor belt system.

Benefits of a DuoOptipac mailing bag compared to a click and collect or standard mailing bag:

  1. Speed - DuoOptipac compact design maximises space on the conveyor belt system, meaning more parcel throughput per hour of up to 28%
  2. Shipping - The tac-down handle reduces the size of the package, and therefore also cuts down the cost on volumetric pricing, which could mean huge savings on international deliveries
  3. Simplicity - No change is needed to the pick, pack and ship operation, so it's business as usual
  4. Cost - What's more, the costs is comparative to a standard click and collect mailing bag.

Did you know?

Duo's current capacity can produce over 125 million branded glue strip bags – a figure that is always increasing as investment is made in the latest technologies.

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