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Industrial Film and Protection

The Duo group has 15 mono layer polythene extruders and a co-extruder which produces over 1,000 tonnes of polythene film each month. 

With 25 years experience in the polythene industry our knowledgeable team develop performance-critical blends that enhances your operational requirements.

Often referred to in the industry as polythene layflat or gusseted tubing, our polythene is available in a variety of thicknesses ranging from very thin (15 micron) film ideal for garment over bagging film to an extremely heavy 250 micron for heavy duty purposes.

To suit a wide range of applications we manufacture industrial polythene film and protection from a small width of 180mm to 1950mm.

All of our recycled film products are manufactured using polythene scrap collected and reprocessed in the UK in our Closed Loop Recycling facilty.

Our polythene film products are available in a range of design options to suit all requirements. These include:

  • Centre-Fold Sheeting
  • Gusseted Tubing
  • Single-wound Sheeting
  • J-Fold
  • Poythene Tubing

Did you know?

Duo extrudes over 1,000 tonnes of polythene film in the UK each month

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