• Comfyballs

    Comfyballs journey to carbon neutral status

    The Challenge

    Create a low carbon packaging solution to help the brand on their journey to become a carbon neutral retailer. The solution must provide an opportunity to engage and educate their customers on the brand’s journey to carbon neutral status. 

    The Results:

    GreenPE works so well for us because of its green credentials. We worked with Duo to create an eye-catching design that reflects the brand’s fun personality, engaging our customers by telling the story of our journey to climate neutral status using a scannable QR code. The mailing bags can be completely recycled by consumers after they’ve received their goods – we’re ahead of the curve in Switzerland in that respect. We know the fashion industry is a major contributor to the world’s carbon emissions, but it doesn’t have to be. We wanted to show our customers and other retailers the ways in which we can collectively reduce our footprint with functional products, recyclable materials and smart packaging design.”  

    CEO of Comfyballs