• The Hive

    Creating a buzz with Hive

    The Challenge

    A packaging solution that is as eco-friendly as possible without compromising on its functionality, risking damage to the product or increase the amount of space the packaging takes up in the warehouse.

    The Results

    Following our recent market research ahead of launching our first own-brand bedding brand, Hive, it became clear to us that a growing number of consumers are becoming increasingly conscious of the effect packaging is having on the environment and how this is impacting their buying decisions. We initially begun by making our product completely plastic packaging free – rolling the product rather than folding it meant less shelf space required with each held together by a recyclable paper sleeve. However, we then had the issue of how to avoid sending our products out without using industry-standard polythene, derived from finite fossil fuels. When we heard about Duo UK’s exclusive manufacturing of I’m green™ mailing bags, it provided us with the perfect solution to our packaging problem, and enabled us to stay true to the Hive brand without affecting our supply chain in the slightest.