• Charles Tyrwhitt

    Market leading mailing bag with big picture savings

    The Challenge

    The current packaging solution isn’t working as well as it’s supposed to resulting in the operation reverting to mailing bags to fulfil customers’ orders. The potential cost and environmental savings are attractive, and we want to explore this as a permanent solution. The solution must be a mailing bag, but not just a standard mailing bag, a mailing bag that is shaped to fit snug against the product and also minimise the volume. 

    The Results:

    “Once we started using bags for more order configurations it opened our eyes to the potential benefits and then we looked at the bigger picture and investigated the carbon footprint and other savings. 

    Before we adopted GreenPE mailing bags we were receiving five deliveries a week, every week of cardboard now we receive just one. That’s a massive carbon saving just on the transport alone.   

    We have been able to reduce our pallet storage by 50 pallets down to 55 total on site for transit packaging. We also improved our carbon footprint as the move to mailing bags reduced our parcel volume and weight vs the cardboard alternative. As an international retailer with parcels going all over the globe this adds up very quickly and helps towards our sustainability goals.   

    Duo has been a great company to work with. They’re flexible, listen, willing to collaborate, discuss ideas and very open about how things work. It’s always been a good partnership.” 

    Logistics Manager, Charles Tyrwhitt