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    Branded Mailing Bags

    At Duo we’ve been manufacturing polythene branded mailing bags for over 35 years, specifically designed to protect our clients products throughout the postal system and reach their destination securely. Polythene is a lightweight, durable, weatherproof material that offers a cost-effective solution to distribute products while offering maximum protection during transit. *Research from The University of Sheffield found with its lightweight properties, branded polythene mailing bags outperform other materials in reducing greenhouse gas emissions in 15 out of 16 applications examined.

    Incorporating branded mailing bags into your packaging strategy is an effective way to boost brand recognition, enhance customer experience, and relay information regarding company environmental goals or social media channels, all while providing practical benefits for both you and your customers. 

    Our polythene branded mailing bags are manufactured in Manchester (UK) where the complete manufacturing process is carried out in-house from extruding the film, printing the design, right to the end where the finished branded mailing bags are packed ready for distribution. 

    We can produce branded mailing bags from a small size of 150mm x 300mm all the way to 900mm x 1140mm. So, whether you need branded mailing bags to distribute jewellery or winter coats we can manufacture mailing bags to your bespoke requirements. And because the process is all in-house, you can visit and watch your branded mailing bags in the making.  

    Why choose Duo to manufacture your branded mailing bags?  

    • 8 colour print – we can reinforce your brand in an eye-catching way using up to 8 colours 
    • Variety of handle options including punch out handles or our award-winning DuoOptipac handle
    • Incorporate QR codes in your mailing bag design which has the potential to eradicate the need for a paper label or use this to connect your customers with digital content.  
    • Reusable by adding a second glue-strip to the branded mailing bag making them easy and quick to use for customer returns. This simple edition eradicates the need for a new packaging item, helping to reduce packaging waste and save CO2. 

    *Source: https://pubs.acs.org/doi/10.1021/acs.est.3c05191

    Benefits of Branded Mailing Bags:

    Material options – The material you select for your packaging can have a significant positive impact on your environmental strategy. Recycled material has a much lower carbon footprint compared to conventional oil-based polythene. Plus, you’re re-using polythene waste. GreenPE, a bio-based material is from a renewable source, sugarcane, supported by an LCA, this material has a negative carbon footprint. Lastly, Oceanix HDPE, a recycled plastic made from waste fishing gear recovered from the ocean.

    For every purchase of a GreenPE and/or recycled content packaging product, we gift a tree to plant locally and we make a donation to Greater Manchester City of Trees initiative. This is all part of our pact for the planet, find out more on our sustainability page.

    Recyclable – Polythene branded mailing bags can be recycled in a closed loop recycling system. Many of Duo’s clients are helping to #bringwastefullcircle and close the loop on their post-consumer packaging waste by choosing our sister company Duclo Recycling based in Leeds, UK. Waste is collected upon delivering new packaging items, recycled at Duclo Recycling and the recycled pellets are used to make new packaging products. This systems helps to ensure that post-consumer mailing bags do not go to waste and are processed into recycled material to be used to make new products and help reduce reliance on virgin materials.  

    Light-weight and cost effective – Polythene mailing bags are a cost effective solution for distributing parcels in the postal system due to their lightweight and flexible properties which help minimise size for volumetric shipping. Plus, they are compact meaning a large amount of bags can be stored on a single pallet, taking up less storage space compared to other packing materials such as cardboard boxes. Learn how we did exactly this for our client Charles Tyrwhitt, who used to receive 5 deliveries a week of cardboard boxes to now just 1 delivery a week of the same quantity of branded mailing bags. Read their story here.

    Free artwork design service – With our free artwork design service, we can help you create branded mailing bags that will make your brand stand out. Our team of experienced designers will work with you to create a unique and personal packaging design that reflects your brand identity and captures the attention of your customers when product is delivered to their door.