• We've supported our clients in reducing waste and lowering their carbon footprint, meaning they can improve their entire supply chain - as well as the world we live in.

    We’re fully committed to building a sustainable business in a way that not only satisfies the needs of our customers, but creates a positive influence on our people, our community, our partners and our planet. But our commitment to change goes way beyond your typical, flat-packed corporate responsibility.

    Introducing our Pact for the Planet. A pledge from us, to always be a supplier that creates impact for the better: for our customers, their policies, and the world we share.

    In 2022, Duclo Recycling was established to provide manufacturers with greater access to recycled plastic pellets,
    as well as increasing the volume of plastic recycling taking place in the UK.

    Duclo collaborate with forward-thinking brands and manufacturers, to increase their recycled output and help
    them use more recycled content from the get-go too.

    Together, we can make sure waste never actually needs to become waste – keeping it out of landfills and
    reducing our reliance on virgin materials.