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    Sustainable GreenPE Mailing Bags

    We’re all about innovation, particularly if it means good news for the planet. That’s why we’re proud to be the first UK manufacturer to produce mailing bags using Green PE: a thermoplastic sustainable resin, made from sugar cane. Renewable. Recyclable. And ultimate product performance.

    Why Green PE?

    Unlike other ‘green’ products, our Green PE is totally sustainable, from source to production. The raw ingredient, sugarcane, is a water efficient crop that also captures carbon dioxide during photosynthesis. Planted and grown to ethical guidelines, more CO2 is sequestered from the atmosphere by the ethanol used to make GreenPE. In a nutshell, for each kilogram of green plastic produced using this method, we save 2.85kg of CO2, compared to using conventional oil-based polythene.

    Wondering how all this is possible? Watch this short video to explain the ‘science bit’.

    GreenPE Benefits, compared to a conventional oil based polythene


    Produced from a completely renewable source (sugarcane), this is the ultimate in green packaging.

    Less Greenhouse Gas

    Because of its natural source, our GreenPE automatically reduces greenhouse gas emissions.


    Our GreenPE is recyclable in a closed loop recycling system.


    GreenPE has the same technical properties, appearance and versatility of applications of polyethylene from fossil source.