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    From creating your product and taking it to the four corners of the earth. We'll do it all for you.

    There’s lots of reasons our customers come to us. Our unique manufacturer – distributor model is definitely one of them. Rather than sourcing from multiple suppliers, what we offer is supply from our international manufacturing partners, as well as the contingency and quick responsiveness of our manufacturing site.

    Our customers love coming to us to see their products made, which they can, because we perform each stage of the manufacturing/packing process in-house. We’re not the biggest. We’re not the most advanced. But what we do better than anyone is innovate, and we’re fortunate enough to offer something our competitors don’t: the space to test and trial ground-breaking ideas, experimenting with techniques and materials so we can offer our clients something completely different and unique, if they want it.

    And because of our network of packaging partners, even if our customers are after something we don’t have, we’ll find a way to source it for them. That’s the best thing about our model, you see. It allows us to be everything you need: from a manufacturer, a distributor, a consultant, a scientist, a delivery service, and a down-to-earth, reliable partner.

    Our polythene manufacturing process, in 3 parts:


    Recycled, renewable GreenPE and virgin polymer pellets are used to create the film that forms your chosen specification. The polymer pellets are melted, colours and additives added, and the thickness and performance properties of the polythene film is checked to your precise requirements.


    Flexographic plates and printing presses transfer your designs on to the prepared polythene. Our advance computerised colour-matching technology ensures consistency of shade and tone, with support for up to 8-colour printing.


    During the final stage of the process, the polythene film is made into your packaging products. There's lots of design options to choose from including, bottom weld, side weld, fanfold or pre-opened bags on a roll, single and double glue strips, and patch, cut out or turn over top handles. Plus, DuoOptipac branded mailing bags. We also offer a range of product packaging methods, to suit your in-house storage requirements.


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