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    Auto bagging Film & Fan-Fold Bags

    We know exactly how much automated packing and bagging equipment has transformed fulfilment operations. Increased productivity and reduced labour costs, they’re proving essential to fulfilment operations. We also know how critical it is that your polythene film performs consistently so you can achieve maximum output, time and time again. 

    Our expertise in the polythene industry spans over three decades, so no one knows how to design film so it optimises this process like our research and development team.

    Our auto bagging film and fan-fold bags are manufactured at our site in Manchester (UK) and are compatible with all brands of automated packing and bagging equipment.  

    The details matter, whether you need auto bagging film on a reel or fan-fold bags in a box we guarantee your finished product is prepared to your exact requirements.  

    We manufacture auto bagging film from a small width of 200mm all the way to 1000mm so we can cater for a diverse range of applications. Our fan-fold bags all feature a precise perforation for easy release.  

    And because creating greener, more environmentally friendly products is at the heart of everything we do, our auto bagging film and fan-fold bags can be produced using GreenPE and/or recycled polythene materials. 

    Plus, any trim or polythene scrap produced as a result of the process can be recycled in our closed loop recycling system. 

    Benefits of using Duo Auto bagging Film & Fan-Fold bags:

    Heat sealed edges

    We guarantee to keep your auto bagging film secure. Our linear rich film provides excellent heat sealing properties.


    Designed to deliver high strength and tear resistant properties.


    Our Auto bagging film and fan-fold bags are recyclable in a closed loop recycling system. Any polythene trim created by the process can also be recycled in a closed loop recycling system.

    Renewable & Recycled material options

    This product can be produced using recycled and/or renewable bio-based GreenPE material.