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    Recycled Mailing Bags

    As a valuable and finite resource, we believe the optimum use for most plastic after its first use, is to be recycled and preferably into a product that can be recycled again.  Such as recycled polyethylene film for packaging products.

    Our recycled polythene product range are produced by using post-consumer, post-industrial and waste recycled from our very own closed loop recycling facility. This guarantees a consistent, high quality polythene film that can be used for performance critical products.  

    A percentage of recycled material can be used to make a range of packaging products, including mailing bags, without any detriment to strength, glue or label adhesion. An exceptional quality print can be achieved plus it has a much lower carbon footprint compared to conventional oil-based polythene. 

    Wondering how all this is possible? Learn how we evidence the recycled content in our packaging products here

    *Source: Gov.UK Greenhouse gas reporting: conversion factors 2022 

    Benefits of using recycled mailing bags compared to a conventional oil-based polythene mailing bag:

    Less greenhouse gas emissions

    For every 1t of virgin polyethylene material use avoided is the equivalent embodied carbon saving of 2.6tCO2eq*


    Using a minimum of 30% recycled content in a packaging item meets the requirement of the UK Plastic Packaging Tax


    Our recycled packaging products are recyclable in a closed loop recycling system


    Recycled content in each packaging product is evidenced according to ISO14021:2016