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    Closed Loop Recycling

    Polythene is precious, in more ways than one. As well as being valuable, it’s also a finite resource, which means we must be careful of how much we use it. Unless of course, we can use it again. And again.

    At Duo, we’ve invested in closed loop recycling. After all, if we can recycle most polythene after its first use to make it into another recyclable product, why wouldn’t we? And we’ve made it easier than ever for our customers to reduce, reuse and recycle – by picking up waste polyethylene from our customers premises, and paying for it too.

    By using the leading technology in our closed loop system, you’re helping save the planet and money.  

    Recycling waste polyethylene reduces your impact on the environment and reduces waste to landfill. It helps keep this valuable waste in the economy and available to manufacturers to use to create brand new products reducing dependency on virgin materials.  

    Closed Loop Recycling has advantages both for your brand, and the planet: 

    • Less waste going to landfill
    • Less oil used for plastic production
    • Reduced dependence on finite resources
    • Reduction of energy consumed by two-thirds
    • Every 1t of virgin LDPE material use avoided is the equivalent embodied carbon, saving of 2.621tCO2

    Find out more about how to close the loop your company’s polythene waste by speaking to one of the Duo team enquiries@duo-uk.co.uk 

    How Closed Loop Recycling Works

    Waste Collection

    Just let us know when your polythene waste collection is full, and we’ll come and pick it up from your warehouse whenever is the most convenient for you.

    Graded and Sorted

    We’ll sort, grade and weigh your scrap, before moving onto the recycling stage. If you like, we’ll happily train your own staff to identify different types of plastic, so they can segregate waste themselves for maximum quality and value.


    After having sorted everything, we’ll take the waste bags and turn them back into their raw pellet form, which is how they began.

    Brand New Products

    These recycled pellets are then used to create completely new products, and with no waste in sight.