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    DuoOptipac Mailing Bags

    The DuoOptipac was invented and launched in 2016 to address a common problem faced by our customers to save money on deliveries without compromising on the specification or the convenience of a carry handle on the mailing bag. The DuoOptipac mailing bag features an integrated carry handle which lies snug against the body of the bag maintaining the original capacity but reducing the volumetric dimensions of the package.

    Our customers have described it as the fulfillment warehouse’s secret weapon as it takes up less space on the conveyor belt system increasing parcel throughput and reduces volumetric shipping prices without requiring any changes to the pick, pack and ship operation.

    The DuoOptipac mailing bag was honoured with the Queen’s Award for excellence in Innovation in 2020.

    Patent number: GB2550569B

    Benefits of a DuoOptipac mailing bag compared to a click and collect or standard mailing bag:


    With its compact design, our DuoOptipac mailing bag takes up less space on the conveyor belt system, which means an increased parcel throughput per hour of up to 28%


    No change is needed to the pick, pack and ship operation, so it’s business as usual.


    The DuoOptipac’s clever tack-down handle reduces the size of the package. This cuts the cost on volumetric pricing, which can help save huge amounts on deliveries.


    And with a price comparative to a standard click and collect mailing bag, you’re getting more for your money. Literally.