• Seasonal Shoppers Dreaming of a Green Christmas

    10th Dec 2019

    Seasonal Shoppers Dreaming of a Green Christmas

    Demand for sustainability and a greener Christmas ‘Present Wrapping’ moment have led to record sales of Duo UK’s GreenPE Mailing bags, which are made from sugarcane.

    Duo is the first UK manufacturer to produce GreenPE mailing bags from a thermoplastic sustainable resin made from sugar cane

    This means they are renewable and recyclable. Each kilogram of Green PE produced saves 2.78kg of CO2 when compared to the production of conventional fossil-based polyethylene.

    The 4,095 million GreenPE mailing bags sold by Duo UK during the past 10 weeks has saved a total of around 2,400 tonnes of CO2eq. This is around 2,260 tonnes more saved than the same trading period in 2018 and the equivalent to removing CO2 from almost 19 million car miles.

    Retailers who have purchased GreenPE mailing bags from Duo UK, include SportsPursuit, Brand Alley, Isabella Oliver, Forever Unique and Couture Club.

    Anthony Brimelow concludes: “The greener present wrapping moment is an evolution of unboxing. Opening an ecommerce delivery is no longer simply about great design and aesthetics to deliver a memorable and shareable brand experience. It’s about enabling carbon conscious consumers to feel responsible and reassured that their packaging is sustainable.”