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    Oceanix Collation Shrink Film

    Engineered specifically for the food and beverage sector, Oceanix Collation Shrink Film delivers secured transit performance and enhanced on-shelf brand visibility thanks to its light green tint.  

    Teaming up with Danish clean tech recycling company Plastix, we created a collation shrink film containing Oceanix recycled plastic, designed specifically to meet the practical demands of the food and beverage industry while minimizing its environmental impact. 

    Maritime gear, such as fishing nets and ropes represent 10-46% of plastic waste found in the ocean*. Plastix sources, sorts, and upcycles maritime waste such as ropes and nets from the fishing industry to create Oceanix™ HDPE.  

    Why choose Oceanix Collation Shrink Film? 

    • Superior tear resistance for enhanced pack stability 
    • Suitable for all secondary outer-wrap applications, including industrial collation shrink films, multi-pack beverages, and food. 
    • Plain or printed up to 8 colours 
    • Standout green tint film colour for enhanced brand visibility 
    • Life Cycle Assessment based on solid science and fact to provide data-backed messaging 
    • Lightweight and puncture resistant 
    • Decrease the need for virgin plastic and extraction of new fossil materials to help conserve the world’s valuable resources. 

    Oceanix collation film is recyclable in a closed loop recycling process, such as Duclo Recycling 

    Wondering how all this is possible? Watch this short video produced by Plastix: 

    *Source: WWF

    Oceanix Life Cycle Assessment (LCA’s) independent study demonstrates its environmental benefits compared to virgin equivalents:


    18x more efficient on CO2 pollution
    6x more efficient on ozone formation
    8x more efficient on particle pollution


    11x more efficient on fresh-water use
    5x more efficient on ocean acidification
    2x more efficient on freshwater toxicity


    43x more efficient on fossil resource use