• Packaging has become a hot talking point. From increased consumer exposure through the ecommerce boom, to a growing public interest in sustainability and the circular economy. And for many, sustainability and success are becoming almost interchangeable for business.

    That’s why we’ve created The Future of Packaging Report which presents the findings of our latest research, identifying the trends and challenges faced by industry now and in the next decade.

    In this report, we unearth how cost neutral thinking, progressive policies and overcoming plastic paranoia can bridge the Green Gap that currently exists between packaging idealism and realism.

    We also offer expert insight from across the industry about what retailers can do to find a sustainable way forward for their packaging strategies. Plus we look at how companies can make sustainability and success interchangeable in their packaging strategies.

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    of companies want to see most innovation in packaging materials in the next decade.

    of companies believe reducing environmental impact will be the most important factor in defining packaging strategies in the next ten years.

    When asked which factors will influence packaging design and development now and in the next decade, 59% of companies stated cost lowering from current level of 60%.

    believe that the greatest opportunity to improve sustainability in packaging life cycle is during the design process. i.e. creating packaging that uses less material or more eco-compliant material.