• ACAI Outdoorwear

    ACAI Outdoorwear's Circular Packaging Story

    The Challenge

    ACAI Outdoorwear is committed to providing high quality outdoor clothing and accessories while also developing products that reduce environmental impact. To align with their commitment, they wanted to enhance the design and circularity of their branded mailing bags to extend the lifecycle of their packaging products and in turn reduce waste.  

    The Results:

    “We’ve worked closely with the team at Duo to create a packaging solution that delivers the biggest impact in every area, from circularity through to usability and brand aesthetic. It was a very proud moment watching our very first bags coming off the production line and we couldn’t be happier with the results. We now have a much more sustainable approach to our packaging, and we’ll be partnering with Duo for many, many more years to come.”

    Co-Founder for ACAI Outdoorwear