• Joules

    Responsibly Joules

    The Challenge

    A packaging solution that enabled the adoption of more renewable and sustainable materials to meet the demands of the brands sustainability goals and the practicalities of logistics and dispatch. Most importantly the solution must not add to a future environmental dilemma.

    The Results

    “Retailers now have a responsibility to look at the ways in which they can reduce plastics and excessive packaging. We are currently on a journey with several big targets ahead in order to shift to more circular and renewable options throughout our business. So far, all of the initiatives we have introduced, and the important steps we are making, have been met with positivity from our customers and we hope that will only continue as we take even bigger strides in our future. GreenPE mailing bags are the primary dispatch method for Joules across our global mail order business so they are used every day. So far our accumulative carbon saving since the switch has been in excess of 397MT C02 which is really encouraging.” Packaging Design and Production Manager, Joules